Yinyang is Sleepi's last original alien.


Yin's PowersEdit

  • Blasting beams from his staff
  • Tracking aliens
  • Blasting beams from his medallion
  • Being very hard
  • Breathing underwater

Yin's WeaknessesEdit

  • Fire

Yang's PowersEdit

  • Healing with his hands
  • Tracking animals
  • Healing with his feet
  • Being very soft
  • Surviving in fire

Yang's WeaknessesEdit

  • Water

Yinyang's PowersEdit

  • Shooting rocks from his hands
  • Tracking humans
  • Shooting wind from his hands
  • Absorbing any substance
  • Surviving in anything

Yinyang's WeaknessesEdit

  • Fire
  • Water

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