Metal Mastery is a creature battle.


  • The scientist will give you Metallion, a spheric metal creature.
  • Capture Metalspiketail and Metalspikeball, spiky metal creatures.
  • Battle the kid's Metallion with Metallion. Use Metal Roll many times. He will use Metal Blast.
  • Use Weld and you will beat him. He will throw out Metalophy, the next version of Metallion.
  • Use Weld and Metal Roll. Metallion will use Metal Blast and you will use. Throw out Metalspiketail.
  • Use Tail Whip. He will use weld. Use Spike Blast and you will beat the kid.
  • Heal your creatures and walk to the tournament.
  • The first kid will throw out Metalspikeball. Throw out Metalspiketail.
  • More Coming Soon

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