Kirby's Dream Land Island is a island created by fireflowe30 The Olny Charater That Apears poptropican is dedede.It is based of The anime.

Locations Cappy Town (Main Street,Kawaski's restraunt (common),Town Square, Mabel's House) Green Greens (kirby's house, whispy's Forest,Dyna Blade's Nest, Tokitori's Tree) Castle ddd (Main Entrance, Cafateria, Long Hallway, DDD's Room,Throne Room DDD Batttle) Halberd(Entrance,Pilot Room, Hall 1, Ducks, ARMORY (common) Hall 2, Engine Room,h. Lobster battle) Destrayer(Halberd,HAll,Teleporter room,Nightmare Room Kirby's Dream,Nightmare Battle) BQ Olny Ripple STAR (Dark Matter Course, Queen Fairy's Palace,Zero Battle)

Bonus Quest

Ripple Star Has A Major Dark Matter Infestation Deafeat All Dark Matter And ZERO!!!!!!!

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